Sunday, 13 November 2011

Salvage Sunday

So I'm driving home from town at noon today, a fifteen-minute drive on a few back roads that are relatively quiet, and at the half-way point I stop at an intersection and notice a car door sitting on the shoulder of the road. No cars in sight, no people anywhere, just a red car door sitting there.

Curious, which I guess is my middle name, I pulled over and got out for a look. It was a car door, sure enough. Red. No handle. Big dent and a scrape in the middle of it. It must have fallen off a junk yard truck.  The driver must have been bringing a load to his scrap yard, stopped a little abruptly at the intersection or took off a little too quickly, and the door fell off the load without being noticed.

I was about to get back into my car when I realized the window was still in the door, and it looked unattached. Curious (my middle name, again), I reached down and sure enough, I was able to pull the window right out of the door. It was a driver side window from a Honda. (No, I won't ship it to you.) Stricken by inspiration, I threw it into the trunk of my car, left the door where it was, and drove home.

Here's what I'm going to do with that darned window. It has a really cool tapered shape, almost like a fish's fin. I have a large white pine tree back on my property that was blown down in a wind storm last year, and I've been bringing up chunks of it now and again to do stuff with. So I'm going to cut a chunk of pine big enough to make a slab coffee table,  put that window on top of it, trim the pine to conform to the cool finny shape of it, and have it as a glass top outdoor table. How neat is that?

Of course, I was supposed to come home with beer and I forgot. But I did come home with a car window. Close, right?


  1. Loving the creativity Michael. Now all you need to is to write a story about it somehow!

  2. Sometimes, Lan, I feel like my whole life is material for a very long and very weird story!