Friday, 9 March 2012

Blood Passage Earns a 5-Star Review from The Masquerade Crew

We're very pleased to announce that Blood Passage has earned another five-star review, this time from Mark Lee of The Masquerade Crew. The Masquerade Crew maintain a book review blog that specializes in independent authors. They also run book giveaways, contests, and guest blogging campaigns.

According to Mr. Lee, Blood Passage reads "like a mix between episodes of Law & Order, Cold Case and a dash of X-Files thrown in, creating a very unique appeal." He says he has "read highly acclaimed, traditionally published books that wouldn't stand up to this one in quality and would merely equal its entertainment value."

We're very gratified that Mr. Lee enjoyed Blood Passage well enough to award it a rating of five stars out of five, and we thank him for his kind words.


  1. Congrats Michael. It must be such a great feeling to have someone appreciate your work!

  2. Wonderful feedback! Congratulations, Michael!

  3. Thanks, Lan and Sandra. Yes, it's very gratifying to receive positive reviews. And a relief.