Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Journey to Glenrothes, Day One

As readers of  The Overnight Bestseller are aware, I was recently the recipient of an all-expenses-paid trip to the Speyside district of northern Scotland courtesy of The Glenrothes Distillery. I won the trip as part of a promotion in which the distillery invited people to share with them a Vintage Moment in their life. Here is a video produced by The Glenrothes featuring my winning entry.

Late this afternoon I flew out of Ottawa on the first leg of my journey. I'm currently cooling my heels in Toronto, where I have a five-hour layover in Pearson International Airport before spending the night on an airplane flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam. On the left you can see the row of empty seats stretching out ahead of me.

It's been quite a few years since I've flown, and while I expected security to be enhanced I was a little discouraged at how long it took the guy to wand and pat me down. The damned wand kept beeping at every part of my body: armpits (deodorant), hips (rivets on my jeans), and for some mysterious reason wouldn't leave my ankles alone. I swear I wasn't wearing a Karen Stainer-style mouse gun strapped to my ankle, or any other weapon. Is it possible Wrangler uses a metallic thread to stitch the cuffs? I'm baffled.

I was a little surprised to discover how vulnerable I felt standing in the middle of a crowd of people with my arms held out for a very long time, without shoes on my feet and a belt around my jeans. Particularly as it went on, and on, and on.

I put up with this because I understand the necessity. I agree with the concept. The kid wanding me was patient, and remembered to smile when he reminded me not to forget my shoes.

Not likely to travel to Scotland in my stocking feet, but I appreciated the courtesy.

I love flying, although I haven't travelled very much since leaving Customs six years ago. I love airports. Everything seems larger than life and very urgent. And so many people to watch. I'm too tired to be inspired at the moment, but often I'll remember having seen someone afterwards who'll contribute to a character.

At least I'm paying attention to everything around me. Until I doze off, that is............


  1. Wow a trip to Scotland. I'm pretty jealous. The incident with the metal detector sounds like a perfect scene for a book. Have a great trip. Would love to see the photos if you take any!

  2. Thanks, Lan. It's pretty amazing. I'll be including photos with each blog post, so hope you like them.