Saturday, 21 July 2012

Indie Music Alert: Coast Jumper

Once again The Overnight Bestseller is pleased to wave the flag for another independent music name you need to know about and definitely need to hear.

Coast Jumper is a quintet from upstate New York who met at college, discovered common dreams and ambitions, and spent a long winter in a dimly-lit basement recording what would become Grand Opening, their debut album. They then made the long trek across the continent to California -- hence the name, Coast Jumper.

Released in August 2011, Grand Opening features the kind of cuts that keep you on the edge of your seat. Ostensibly dreampop with threads of progressive rock and folk, their music charms you with its great vocals and romantic arrangements before cuffing you on the side of the head. Pay attention! Don't make assumptions! Be ready for anything! Their songs create a great sense of anticipation as they unfold. Where are they going? What will they try next? It's no surprise that Grand Opening is currently the highest artist-recommended rock album on Bandcamp, a publishing platform for bands to sell their music directly to their fan base.

Currently touring in California, Coast Jumper can be followed on Twitter and Facebook. If you support independent musicians who work very hard to bring you fresh and innovative music, you owe it to yourself to check out these five young men.

Read more about Coast Jumper from Leonard's Lair Music Reviews, Frost Click, SYFFAL, and Heroes of Indie Music.

The inspiration for this post came from a tweet yesterday by Paper Garden Records in support of Coast Jumper's Grand Opening. Paper Garden Records started as a small indie label based in Brooklyn, NY and has been steadily growing. Their roster includes Little Tybee, a band about whom I've previously raved in this blog, and Pree, about whom I have inexplicably not yet raved but will very soon.

Coming next, however, in tomorrow's post, is the second half of this indie music alert, which will feature "the next Bon Hiver!" Don't miss it.

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