Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Photo Shoot for Ottawa At Home Magazine

The upcoming Winter Edition of Ottawa At Home magazine will be featuring Ottawa-area individuals who are reaching out for national and international success, and I'm pleased to be included in the feature by editor-in-chief Mary Taggart. As a result, I was at the Ottawa Convention Centre yesterday morning for the photo shoot for the issue.

It was a great deal of fun, and photographer Mark Holleron did an outstanding job setting a relaxed and informal tone so that my butterflies quickly went away as he and Mary put me through my paces.

I stuck around afterward to watch the next session, pictured above, with Ottawa entrepreneurs Stephen Bleeker and Janice McDonald. It was fascinating to watch editor and photographer work together to get just the right look for what Mary had in mind.

Photo by Mary Taggart
After the shoot I was pleased to sign a copy of The Fregoli Delusion for Mark, who told me he planned to take it to the beach on his upcoming vacation along with the latest John Grisham. Great company to keep!

So how did my shots turn out? Mark gave me a peek in the LCD screen, so I have an idea what they'll look like. However, you'll have to pick up the Winter issue of Ottawa At Home to find out for yourself!

Thanks very much to Mary Taggart for including me in this feature. You can find Ottawa At Home online at Follow Mary on Twitter at @Ottawaathomemag.You can also find photographer Mark Holleron online at


  1. You having butterflies, nah I don't believe it. I sure will check out the Ottawa At Home online, right now. What an awesome and exciting happening!

    1. Believe it. Getting my picture taken is not one of my favourite things! By all means, check out Ottawa At Home online. Mary has her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends!

  2. It must still be on it's way, but gee I thought it had been horribly cold here, but is your temperature really
    -24 degrees right now? Brrrrrrrrr!

    1. Yeah. It was -27 when I went outside this morning. Thankfully the car started. Gotta love Canadian winters.