Friday, 22 February 2013

Time in a Bottle

A recent news story about a message in a bottle has gathered international attention. If you haven't heard the story yet, it goes like this: a New Zealander, Geoff Flood, was walking along the beach last year when he discovered a bottle with a message inside. The message was dated March 17, 1936, and contained the sender's name and address in Australia. After doing much research, Flood discovered that the original sender of the message had died in the 1940s. However, Flood was able to locate the grandson and reunite him with this remembrance of his grandfather. To view the video, click here:

I'm not surprised this story has been so popular. It speaks to so many things that preoccupy us: the romanticism and vastness of open seas; the relentless passage of time; the need to be connected when faced with solitude; the importance of roots and family, among them. It brings to mind that wonderful Jim Croce song, Time in a Bottle, that turned out to be so sadly prophetic of his own early death at the age of 30.

Give a listen if you like:


  1. Time does move on so quickly- this is an amazing story, and one that needs to be repeated by others. It's so funny how long after one has gone away, that later a piece of them can be discovered and touch the lives of someone they love- something we all should leave behind.

    1. Thanks, Karen. It is a remarkable story, isn't it?