Monday, 4 March 2013

A New Local Point of Sale

Photo: M.J. McCann
Independent authors understand the challenge of getting paperback copies of their books onto the shelves of  bricks-and-mortar bookstores. As I blogged recently, independent bookstores have been struggling to keep their doors open, and their urgent priorities don't leave much time for giving a hand up to independent authors and micro-publishers.

In Ottawa, the Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel Series can be found on the Prime Crime Book Shelf at Britton's in the Glebe. I posted earlier about how much I enjoy having my books in venues such as Mr. Britton's terrific shop.

We're now pleased to announce that readers in Kemptville and surrounding area can buy The Fregoli Delusion and the other novels in the series at Brewed Awakenings in the Creekside Mall, 2868 County Road 43, Kemptville. Co-owned by Karen Brulé, who also owns the bistro Elements in Merrickville, Brewed Awakenings is a coffee shop that roasts its own beans and bakes its own pastries, including a selection of gluten-free offerings. Karen has thoughtfully included some very comfortable-looking leather furniture to relax in while sipping coffee, munching pastry and checking out the latest in crime fiction.

Photo: M.J. McCann
As you can see, we have the top two pigeon-holes on the shelf just above some good-looking products from Just Wing'It, a company making gourmet cooking sauces and chutneys in nearby Toledo, Ontario.

Why am I so excited about placing my books in a local coffee shop?  I've mentioned before that I don't have anything against the conglomerate bookstores like Chapters/Indigo and wish, longingly, they'd carry my books, but a book like The Fregoli Delusion tends to disappear inside a bookstore that's 2,600 square feet in a small-format store and a whopping 24,000 square feet in a large-format store. I understand it's always a question of volume and traffic and whatnot, and having your books in a place where people go specifically to buy books is terribly important, but I really love the fact that my books can be seen by customers from almost every square foot of Brewed Awakenings as they're inhaling the aroma of delicious fresh coffee and baked treats.

It's also a privilege to be included in the business operations of remarkable entrepreneurs such as Karen Brulé and Ted Britton. One hopes a little of their magic will rub off onto the shoulders of Hank Donaghue and Karen Stainer!


  1. Congrats Michael! Getting your books into a physical store must be an amazing milestone!

    1. Thanks, Lan. Yes, it's a very satisfying feeling!

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