Monday, 12 January 2015

Upcoming Let's Talk Day for 2015

On January 5, Bell Canada launched its Let's Talk campaign for 2015. The official Let's Talk day when you can talk and tweet in support of mental health is January 28, 2015, and this will be a subject of a later post. In the interim, here are some suggestions from the campaign launch on how you can help in ending the stigma of mental illness:

  • Language matters - pay attention to the words you use about mental illness
  • Educate yourself - learn, know and talk more, understand the signs
  • Be kind - small acts of kindness speak a lot
  • Listen and ask - sometimes it's best to just listen
  • Talk about it - start a dialogue, break the silence 
For the full text of the campaign launch, please see

And please stay tuned for a future post on supporting the January 28 Let's Talk day.

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