Friday, 13 October 2017


Now that Day Two of Bouchercon 2017 is done, I think I can say I know the true meaning of the word fatigued. Every muscle aches, including the ones in my head, and it's time to blog and crash.

This morning I assisted for an hour at the Crime Writers of Canada table, where we were signing people up for our newsletter and selling memberships. Talked to a very nice retired couple from Chicago who have been attending these conventions for years. This genre definitely has great fans.

I sat in on a few panel discussions, including an interview of Margaret Cannon, the crime fiction critic I mentioned in yesterday's post. She is this year's Fan Guest of Honour. Boy, does she dislike Dan Brown's stuff. Yikes! But she ran through a long list of authors whose work she does like, so it wasn't all bad news.

Once again, I had a chance to meet/talk to a number of fellow authors, including Linwood Barclay, Mike Martin, and Kim Hornsby, and well-known acquiring editor Marcia Markland of St. Martin's Press, who's known for her extensive experience in international crime fiction. I also button-holed Texas mystery author Terry Shames as she was drifting past our CWC table and introduced myself to her. She has been surprised to discover how well-liked her stories are in Canada.

This evening I sat in on a reception for international authors attending Bouchercon and, yes, I was finally able to meet Colin Cotterill, whose Dr. Siri Paiboun series I greatly admire. Wow, I'll just be a silly fan until the day I die, I guess. What a blast to meet these folks and chat with them.

It's starting to get late, so time to draw the curtain on this great cityscape and another great day in mystery world. Tomorrow's a very early start at the CWC table, so goodnight, all!

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