Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ottawa Poster Collar Campaign Begins

Today marks the first day of the Ottawa poster collar marketing campaign for Blood Passage. I spent the afternoon walking around downtown Ottawa taping posters on designated telephone poles like the one pictured on the left in the Market.

This poster will stay up for a week, then people in Ottawa can watch for a new one to replace it, all leading up to the book signing scheduled in Chapters Pinecrest in Ottawa on September 17.

This was an interesting experience, to say the least. I parked my car close to Bank Street and worked my way north on Bank to Sparks Street, then headed through the mall, on over to the Market, then up Elgin to Lisgar and back to my car. It took me about two hours to walk this route, papering telephone pole collars as I went. At first I felt quite self-conscious about defacing public property, despite having studied the regulations carefully beforehand. I felt as though someone would demand to know what the heck I was doing, but after a few collars were under my belt I slipped into a routine. Actually, no one paid me the slightest attention. In fact, I tried to give out a few free book marks and was firmly rebuffed. People didn't want anything to do with me, whatsoever! Perhaps they thought I was a half-cracked conspiracy theorist trying to cramp their day....

Hopefully a few of you folks in Ottawa will see the posters and check out the website. If it ends up selling a few books that would be great, because when I finally got back to my car I discovered I'd been hit by a $60 parking ticket. Ouch. And only seven minutes too late! Better sell a bunch of books if I'm going to break even on this one!

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