Monday, 24 October 2011

Indie Writing and Indie Recording

Those of us in the indie book business regularly find inspiration in the scores of indie recording artists who keep producing outstanding music at the ground level. Recently I came across a terrific blog called the Indie Music Filter, produced by fellow Canadian Chris Budd in Toronto. He welcomes mp3s from emerging performers and features the best on his blog, which I encourage you to look up.

Among the links that I followed were four that I'll quickly mention.

A name familiar to many, M83 is the electronic pop act of Anthony Gonzalez. Indie Music Filter has embedded the new video "Midnight City," a very catchy tune.

Next up was Savoir Adore, which features singer/songwriter Deidre Muro and drummer Paul Hammer. Indie Music Filter links to their song "Dreamers." Their website and blog are a little disorganized but I found a couple of singles that had me very excited. These guys are GOOD. Check out as well this article published online in The L Magazine, featuring Savoir Adore as one of eight NYC bands you need to hear.

Also of note from the Indie Music Filter was the band the High Highs, a Brooklyn band with a soft retro sound that really appeals. I particularly liked "Ivy" and "Horses."

Finally, it was fun to discover the Montreal band Adam & The Amethysts, featuring Adam Waito, originally from Thunder Bay. Indie Music Filter featured their single "Dreaming" from their album Flickering Flashlight. Apparently I missed them in Ottawa not too long ago. Next time.....

If you're interested in new music, I encourage you to follow Indie Music Filter and to check out these performers.

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  1. Indie musos are an inspiration. Especially since they seem to enjoy a kind of acceptance that indie authors haven't yet managed to garner. I liked High High's music. Kind of mellow :)