Friday, 24 February 2012

Snow Storm

Today, as promised, winter provided a reminder that it's not quite finished with us by bringing a snowstorm to our doorstep. We've received about 10 cm. so far, and there might be more before it's through.

Thankfully I was able to stay around the house today. Tomorrow morning, though, I'll have to get up and get the snowblower out to clean off this driveway to go into town. Last year I was shoveling it, but this year my wife bought the new snowblower, so I can roll out the heavy artillery and fight back.

Cody ran down the driveway to see what the road looked like, so I followed. A neighbor was blasting down the road in his pickup truck, carving a trail for others to follow. We probably won't see the snow plow go by here until the middle of the night. We're not exactly at the top of their list..... Thankfully, Cody's not a car chaser. He's smarter than your average herd dog and understands the difference between an animal with heels for nipping and a loud, fast vehicle.

After that there was no more traffic to be seen. Snow quietly began to fill in the tracks left by the truck as though not impressed at all. The silence was remarkable. There's nothing more silent than a country road in the middle of a snow storm.

I could listen to it for hours.

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